Provide a secure, transparent and trustworthy credit union.



SOLFI is making use of blockchain technology which has built-in security, transparency and trust to record all transactions. SOLFI has 6 subsidiaries SOLFI MONEY, SOONER OR LATER FUNDING™SOLFI REAL ESTATESOLFI INSURANCE, SOLFI PAPER ASSETS and SOLFI TANGIBLE ASSETS.



SOLFI first must Analyze the total available balance, total debt service, total property value, total insurance coverage, total value of paper assets then total value of tangible assets to get the total NetWorth of the user. After the analysis, its time to Strategize based on the verified information that can only be shared upon user request. Lastly, the strategy is put into action to Monetize using the financial services we offer.

  1. Analyze
  2. Strategize
  3. Monetize



SOLFI provides a return for its members with interest-bearing accounts using the profits from SOLFI MONEY, SOLFI PAPER ASSETS, SOONER OR LATER FUNDING, SOLFI REAL ESTATE, SOLFI INSURANCE as well as SOLFI TANGIBLE ASSETS and leveraging deposits to invest.