ORB™ is a holistic approach to learning, managing and investing money available on multiple platforms. 


ORB™ users can purchase the book “The House Forever Wins” a holistic approach to learning how to manage and invest money by breaking down the financial system into three chapters Past, Present and Future.


ORB™ users can choose to use our Consulting Services and/or manage their own money saving only to the cloud service of their choice organized into the following:

Banking – Send, receive and keep track of money using private immutable blockchains to record their transactions.

Finance  Find financing. Calculate Total Debt using information provided by major credit bureaus.

Real Estate – Calculate the total real property value.

Insurance  Choose from the life, home, renters, auto and business insurance options. Calculate total insurance coverage.

Paper Assets – Calculate total Current Market Value (CMV).

Tangible Assets Calculate total net equity.


ORB™ users can choose to invest their money themselves into the following:

Real Estate  Purchase residential and commercial real estate.

Paper Assets  Invest in stocks, bonds, liens, and notes.

Tangible Assets  Acquire investment properties, businesses and etc.