ORB™ is the holistic approach to learning, managing and investing your own money available as a web, iOS and android application. ORB™ uses the cloud together with blockchain technology to provide financial literacy, management and services for its users. ORB™ users’ data is saved in the cloud owned and controlled by the user. ORB™ users have personal blockchains with transaction data also saved to the cloud service of their choice. 



ORB™ users can take the course Manage Your Own Money. 



ORB™ users can manage their own money. 



ORB™ users can choose from Financial Services organized into the following: 

Payments – Send and receive money.  

Finance - Find financing.  

Real Estate - Purchase residential real estate. 

Insurance - Choose from the life, home, renters, auto and business insurance options. 

Paper Assets - Invest in stocks, bonds, liens, and notes. 

Tangible Assets - Acquire as well as have commercial real estate, businesses and etc. managed.