ORB uses blockchain technology together with the cloud to simply ANALYZE finances, STRATEGIZE for a sustainable future and MONETIZE user portfolios. ORB is the one stop shop for financial services available as a web, iOS and android application. The amount of time spent on filling out applications and money saved can be invested using ORB.

ORB starts out providing credit card processing service the target market being Gasoline Stations which saves the business and customers money. Both the users of the card network and payment processing benefit by passing high percentage and flat rate fees charged every time a debit/credit card is used. No more paying more for gas because you used your debit/credit card. Also, the investors get a better return using our payment processing benefiting everyone.

ORB users have access to all of their financial information in one place which helps out tremendously speeding up the application process for financing. Once approved for financing users are ready to purchase residential real estate. Presented to the users of ORB are life, home, auto and business insurance options. Investments in stocks, bond, liens, notes, commercial real estate, businesses and precious metals can also be made using ORB. In 10 years we would like to have accumulated $50 Million in assets then becoming chartered as a credit union paying out an interest rate higher than the inflation rate to depositors.

Every transaction that occurs using ORB has a flat fee our subscription is an even better deal we reinvest the profits in providing the best of financial services for our users.