Provide a platform to buy, sell and manage debt.


SOLF, INC is a corporation filed with the New York Department of State Division of Corporations July 1, 2011 doing business as SOONER OR LATER FUNDING™ and is a wholly owned subsidiary of SOLFI. The shares issued are virtual shares or tokens called SOLFI FINANCE designed to allow an unlimited number of investors and capital contributions. SOLFI FINANCE can be acquired through the SOLFI MONEY SERVICES.


A Mortgage Brokerage to provide mortgage options. As a Commercial Loan Broker, we match businesses and startups who need funding with investors. Then, in Mortgage Banking we provide the financing to purchase income-producing real estate.

  1. Mortgage Brokerage
  2. Commercial Loan Broker
  3. Mortgage Banking


SOONER OR LATER FUNDING invests in the Stock of its partners, then reinvesting profits into Mortgage BrokerageCommercial Loan Brokerage and Mortgage Banking. Borrowers get the FUNDING they need SOONER from investors who profit LATER.