Provide a platform to manage debt.



SOONER OR LATER FUNDING™ provides finance options while also allowing the import of Mortgage, Credit Card, Student, Auto, Debt Consolidation and Business loan transaction information. SOONER OR LATER FUNDING™ is the doing business as name of SOLF, INC a corporation filed with the New York Department of State Division of Corporations July 1, 2011 and a wholly owned subsidiary of SOLFI.



 SOONER OR LATER FUNDING receives the total current cash balance from SOLFI MONEY even asset ownership information as needed from SOLFI PAPER ASSETS and SOLFI TANGIBLE ASSETSSOONER OR LATER FUNDING then provides the necessary mortgage approval information to SOLFI REAL ESTATE and/or SOLFI TANGIBLE ASSETS. SOONER OR LATER FUNDING also provides the credit scores as needed to insurers in SOLFI INSURANCE.



SOLFI provides a return for its members with interest-bearing accounts by collecting commissions from SOONER OR LATER FUNDING who brokers Mortgage as well as Debt Consolidation.