Provide a platform to buy, sell and manage tangible investments


REEL RITE MARKETING, INC. is a corporation filed with the New York Department of State Division of Corporations October 14, 2011 doing business as SOLFI MARKET and a wholly owned subsidiary of SOLFI. The shares issued are virtual shares or tokens called SOLFI COMMUNICATION designed to allow an unlimited number of investors and capital contributions. SOLFI COMMUNICATION can be acquired through the SOLFI MONEY SERVICES.


Commercial Real Estate sales such as rental property, office buildings, strip malls and etc. Then, provide our clients with the option of purchasing existing Businesses such as franchises and routes. Even including the SOLFI ATM which is capable of all SOLFI MONEY SERVICES and adding more computing power to the SOLFI SUPERCOMPUTER. Lastly, available for sale are Precious Metals like gold, silver and platinum

  1. Commercial Real Estate
  2. Businesses
  3. Precious Metals


SOLFI MARKET invests in the Stock of its partners, then reinvesting profits into Commercial Real Estate, Businesses and Precious Metals.